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Stuart Colony Counter Digital Model SC6

  • Pressure sensitive count system
  • Can be used with any probe or felt tip pen
  • Digital readout from 0-999
  • Built-in average count facility
  • Audible confirmation of each count
  • Choice of light or dark background

Simply place the Petri dish on the electronic pressure pad and touch the dish with a felt tip pen to mark each colony in turn. Touch pressure causes a count to be registered on the digital display and an audible tone confirms each count made.

The sensitivity of the electronic pressure pad is adjustable to suit each user.

A built-in averaging facility allows multiple plates to be counted and then the average colony count calculated.

Optimum viewing of colonies is aided by peripheral- glarefree illumination. There is also a black background facility for difficult translucent colonies.

Supplied complete with one Wolffhuegel graticule- one segmentation disc and two dish centering adapters- to facilitate use with 50-90mm dishes. A magnifier is available as an optional extra for counting very small colonies.
Dish size: 50 to 90mm

  • Count: 0 to 999
  • Digital display: 3 digit LED

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